Thursday, September 11, 2008

someone on Craigslist is gonna be stoked.

craft yard sale *2 hours only*
cleaned out craft stuff and have a TON for sale.
Great items and lots of them.
scrapbooking, stamping, painting, mosaics.
You name it I probably have it.
If you craft, you are going to be in heaven.
If you are interested in the whole lot, you could make a bundle on Ebay.
I just don't have the time.
Email me asap if interested in that, If not see you Saturday.

Sat. 13th only.

These pictures are not the greatest but you get the idea of the aftermath.
a roomtour is soon to follow.
Its been hours of hard, frustrating work, but I feel so much lighter.


Heidi Joe said...

Oh, mR. It's like you're completing the circle of life. Like you have had so many rad jackpot finds and now someone's gonna come and now you're the jackpot!

My heart is happy. I'm a dork.

Breanne Crawford said...

i would totally shop your junkpile :-p move closer, why dontcha? :-p

Vee said...

looks like some awesome stuff you are selling!! love purging, have a great weekend!

shah said...

yeeeahhh girlie! doesn't it feel awesome? it's ok-- embrace the smugness. it feels goooood. (i just finished cleaning my craft studio and got rid of TONS. i am also smug. ;)

shahnnen said...

oops. that was me. not shah. ha.