Thursday, September 18, 2008

i went, i saw, i bought a pink shabby window.

This place makes me want a house of my own so badly.
Full of rows upon rows of old house salvage pieces.
good junk I would call it.
Funky chipped doors, brightly colored claw tubs, any kind of light fixture you could dream of and loads more.
The best part.
Its all negotiable.
Nothing is marked with a price, you just gather your goods and bring them to the front.
He tells you one price.
Then cut it in half and you have yourself a deal.
Despite the fact that I found a flea on my pantleg on the way out, I would journey back sometime.
My talk him into selling me one of those old locker basket cases as seen in picture 2.
I am afraid lockers are the new typewriters here at the Ramirez household.

1 comment:

EliseBlaha said...

sorry about the flea, but that made me laugh.

i am hoping to score some finds of my own today...any sites you recommend for finding flea markets?