Thursday, February 28, 2008

28 in 08'

Cracker Jack box facts for this special day.

  • i was almost a leap year baby.
  • being born in 80' makes for easy math to calculate age.
  • getting married on my birthday always makes for one heck of a celebration.
  • i got to sleep in until 9am.
  • got a killer massage.
  • my gray hair to dark hair ratio is getting a little too even for comfort.
  • hearing my mom sing happy birthday still gets me teary.
  • my kids are good surprise secret keepers.
  • my husband is great at surprising me.
  • i feel loved by my family and friends in abundance today...what a gift.
  • riding in the jeep with the top off and my hair blowin' keeps me feeling young.
  • coconut coffee with coconut creamer is my favorite right now.
  • its 2:49 and time for a nap.


Pat Daigle said...

Happy Birthday and Anniversary! I hope it has been a great day and all your wishes come true! Smoochies!!!

kokopuffs said...

happy birthday dear mR!!!
(did A tell you I called? I guess you were on the phone with your mom..)

sounds like you had a good start to your special day. hugs and kisses to you and the hubby too..happy anniversary!

and holy cow, you're the same age as my brother, just two months older. so you could be, like, my sister.

Vee said...

happy happy birthday and anniversary!! ;)

Heidi Joe said...

Happy Birthday my sweet mR. Love you to pieces!!

I always read things wrong so I read it that *you* were in the Jeep with no top. And I'm like dang she really knows how to whoop it up on her birthday ohkaaaay? Wups. Read it wrong.

Love you again. You're my hero. =)

amytangerine said...

awww love it! happy day!

amber said...

Hehehe. Laughing at Heidi thinking you were in the jeep with no top. Too funny.

HOpe your day was fabulous my friend. Your bday love is on its way, I promise. :)

EliseBlaha said...

ooh my dearest, you are young.
i can only wish for a birthday like yours on my 28.

happy day!

ahardy said...

love the factoids.
that's one helluva list.
and you are one HELLUVA woman.

much LOVE to you.

sara berry said...

AnniversaBirthdayry? What a day indeed. I am so happy that you were surrounded by family today and got to enjoy it like you should. You'll have to spill on your surprises next time we talk!
Miss you and owe you a cupcake!

Anilu Magloire said...

Happy, happy, happy birthday!!! And how cool that it's also your anniversary?!?!

staceyfike said...

HAPPY happy birthday michelle!! and happy anniversary!!

Debee Campos said...

Happy Happy Birthday Sweetness!!!!!
And a very happy anniversary to you and your hubs!

jacQ said...

happy birthday and happy anniversary! :) Wow, you're soo young! :)
have a great day.

Natalie said...

Happy Birthaversary! YAY!
I wish you all the best my dear friend. May all your wishes come true.

Gigi said...

happy birthday michelle!!!!

& wow...anniversary too?!!!
ahhh...happy day :)




Jody said...

Happy day after your birthday, Michelle! So sorry I missed saying it yesterday, but I'm glad I could still wish you Happy Birthday in February! =)
I'm so happy that you have a wonderful family, friends and so many good things in life. ANd I'm with you on the Coconut creamer. I drink more of that than I should. And now it makes me miss Kauai. Cause I always think of that place when I think of you.
Have an amazing year being 28!! Love and hugs and kisses...xoxo.