Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cram 8 passengers in a 7 seater SUV and you've got yourself a good time.

The Lieb girls had no idea what they were in for when the said they were coming for a visit.
Today, day 2, we did Hollywood up right.
Meals in the car and everything.
and own our personal

The picture below best describes how all the wee ones were feeling about this time.
When the mom's thought it would be cool to check out the pre-Oscar set up and so we did just that.
and with a bag of snacks for all we set out.
Gold statues, huge lights, fresh cut flowers, and red carpet galore.
very cool.

even stepped foot on the "red carpet"
but just erased the picture...dang.

and then low and behold.

We Garmined our way into this girl.

Yes. I really am alot older than the average viewer watching the Hills, but i love it so. and super giddy was I when LC was outside her place chatting with her parents.

So as I sit here now, I am hoping that one day my kids will look back on this day and think "dang, our Mom was cool."

For today, I think their thoughts are... "what in the world did Mom have us doing all day?"

Whatever the case, it was an adventure.

and I do love me a good adventure.


kokopuffs said...

okay, so that pic of you and HER doesn't enlarge!!! I wanna see it in a huge size!!

i think you should just email it to me.

and I like that Olivia decided to be so Disney in Hollywood. what a princess. and Kyan is off on his own. the only boy...

kokopuffs said...

and by the way, you are a nerd.

but I love you anyway.

heck what am I saying? I would've been right there with you. so that would make me a nerd too.

shelly b said...

I would totally love to go on your type of adventure...RED CARPET coolness.

miss morgan... said...

hehe. yay to lc! love that you got to dip a toe into the red carpet pool!

EliseBlaha said...

that is so rad.
next time i am in so cal we are going on an adventure.


Natalie said...

Dude. I want to see that picture in super size! haha. So cool. Love that you're always down for an adventure. Great recap!!

Liv said...

Why do Meg and Olivia look so pitiful in that one picture?

Love the pic with LC. You're such a nerd. :)

I gotta come see you soon. You're having way too much fun without me!

staceyfike said...

you ARE a cool mom!

Vee said...

so awesome and you are so hollywood, love it!! i love me some hills too and LC is so cute :)

ahardy said...

turning shades of green ... LMAO.
now you get to be "my friend who met LC".
yep. you are a legend.
you are the Cali-tourguide extraordinaire!

April 1st baby.

Heidi Joe said...

Rad rad rad rad. whoa! We need a large version of the LC pic, please! You're the dopest, man. Crazy.

Debee Campos said...

You so rock!

amber said...

So I was thinking it was just me who couldn't enlarge the pic. How I love reading about your adventures. You my dear, are THE coolest mom. Love it!

amytangerine said...

so so cool. loving every bit.