Friday, February 08, 2008

Add a little pep to your step.

For the love of sweets, this video is crazy cool.
thanks Aida for sharing it with me.

Tonight I am off to Anaheim for CHA and a few day sleepover at JKL's.
I am prepared to be overwhelmed with scrappy stuff and of course I will come back with updates.
Can hardly wait to see all the new goodies and chat it up.

Happy weekend.


staceyfike said...

whoa! that is crazy!
i got your cards today :)

Cat said...

Have fun at CHA!! I hope you come back with lots of cool ideas :) Happy travels.

kokopuffs said...

yay for a kid-free weekend huh? and lots of scrappy time?? can't wait to see you mR!!

Anilu Magloire said...

Oh, cool!! Have a fun time at CHA. How could you not??

shelly b said...

i love mika. so fun. have fun at CHA!

kim brimhall said...

hey there!!! THANKs so much!!! we loved meeting you too!!

did you know anything about a SIS dinner that was mentioned. we are out of the loop just wondering!!

thanks missy!!


Breanne Crawford said...

dude. that video is AMAZING. thanks for sharing.

hope you're having the best of times at cha!

Dina said...

Dang, I was at CHA yesterday...wish I could have met you! :) Hugs!