Friday, February 15, 2008

date nights 1 & 2.

1.mommy and daddy's.
I kept this bad boy a secret for over a week.
ALO in concert, Santa Barbara.

2. As a family.

Known as the Thomas and Sleeping Beauty date @Cold Stone Creamery.

All for the love of Valentines day.

No Hallmark needed here.


Liv said...

How was ALO??? Did it rock your world?

amytangerine said...

Adorable. how much do i love that rilo kiley song- silver lining that is playing while I am typing?! xo

kokopuffs said...

happy love day mR.
date nights are nice.
and so are family nights dressed up as Thomas and Sleeping Beauty.


ahardy said...

LOVE the date night(s) shots.
Good job keeping a secret ... I'm terrible at it! :P

Natalie said...

I adore your cute little family. You guys seem to have so much fun together. I love that! Rock on!

Debee Campos said...

mmmm....yummy.....Cold Stone sounds good right now. I'm coming dressed as a drummer :) hahaa! And who needs Hallmark when you scrap the cutest stuff anyway?! lubs :)


DBird said...

i love that they go out and about in their costumes! those kiddos have some super cool parents, for sure!

miss morgan... said...

how flippn' awesome! you are the most fabby fam ever!

Anonymous said...

Pic #2 ---> Classic!!!!