Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Michelle's mindset.
Visiting a new city for the weekend.
Check their Craigs list free sections.
Hit up the garage sale scene first thing Saturday morning.
So, in old times fashion, I head out early with coffee in hand and Dad and Denise in tow.
We go to a few sales and find those panoramic size photos for 25 cents and then at another stop find that funky curved back chair for 1 dollar.
good? yes.
But I felt like there was something bigger waiting in the wings for us to discover.
and there was.
We found an antique store going out of business and as I walked in slow and stunned like, I turn to my dad and say "now this is my kinda sale."
Filled up the back of my truck with all this and spent only 20 bucks.
Dad wrestled with the big things for a bit and finally got them all shoved in and turned to me with a rolled eyed look and just laughed.
"You know you miss me when i'm not around Dad."
and we drove home.
Great day!


Vee said...

okay, seriously drooling over all of your gems!! omg and so want the gym baskets, total score miss!! :)

sara berry said...

God gave you a double-helping of thrift store mojo. Lucky Duck!
Miss you,

ahardy said...

i know something *Super Fabulous* will come of those found treasures.
& nothing like having Dad there to help you out. :)

kokopuffs said...

holy motherlode.
that chair for a DOLLAR?!?!
and that turnstile thingy is gonna look in your house...
anthony must be in heaven.... ;)

Anilu Magloire said...

I always love your finds! Score :)

kerry lynn said...

dude. you SCORED!!
cannot wait to see you sat.