Tuesday, February 19, 2008

we saw. we hiked. we avoided getting arrested.

The Floyd's trek up was totally the way to go.

And despite the massive amounts of security cameras and no hiking signs, I really was tempted to get down to those letters.
Just to say I did.
But how embarrassing would it be to get arrested with 2 young kids you know?
There was even a break in the fence to get there.
The rebel in my fought the urge and continued down the hill.
Such a great family day.


Kara said...

he he. that'd be so fun! i dare you.

Vee said...

so awesome, love the photos!!! :)

Floyd B. Bariscale said...

Great shots, Michelle. I'm glad you had a good time. I'm tempted to break through every time I'm there (as I've seen others do).

amber said...

I just saw a special on the Hollywood sign and totally thought about you. You could have done it. Hey they did it on 90210 right? ;)

Love the pic of you holding the sign. Too cute!

DBird said...

omg mR! So fantastic! i should add that to my list of things to do in my lifetime :) heheh.

Love the pics!!!!!!!!!!!

staceyfike said...

tee hee.
that's why you go back sans the kiddoes.
preferably after dark.

Heidi Joe said...

Oh you and Anthony need to go back at night and have a big old makeout sesh up there! WOOO!

Love the pic with tiny Olivia in the corner. Adorable!

Also love that you hiked up there rockin' rad earrings. That's muh girl.

amytangerine said...

how funny that we did this just days apart. i wasn't clever enough to hold the hollywood sign, however.

kokopuffs said...

okay, well that's gonna have to be one thing that Mike and I do one weekend. would you be up for it again??

and I'm giggling over the fact that Olivia and Kyan are wearing hiking shoes. I'm so used to seeing the Crocs on their little feet.

and you are so Hollywood. hiking and STILL rocking the earrings...

Debee Campos said...

YOU DID IT !!!!! YOU DID IT!!!!!
And you didn't even break a sweat!
Dang I wish I looked all glamorous when I hike- you go Michelle!!! Such a great example for your little sweetie fo sho!
Snap* Snap* ;)

miss morgan... said...

ohmygosh! y'all look so adorable!