Sunday, February 17, 2008

saturday morning.

It was due time for one of these at our house.
So with coffee in hand, I busted out the goods and sold until only one little box of junk was left.
It felt so good to see stuff go.
Anthony thought we would be lucky to make enough to treat ourselves to dinner one night.
Ha, was he wrong.
We made enough to go out for the week.
This morning though, I paid back the garage sale love around the corner.
I swear this lady had a mini stamp shop in her home that she was getting rid of.
A bag full of goodies was thrown in my car.
So basically, I just had yesterdays sale to make room for new junk.
Recycling at its best I say.


kokopuffs said...

so funny....
is there anything left at least for ice cream??

so glad you could clear stuff out. can't wait to see you again!

ahardy said...

how super fabulous ... i love when you exceed expectations. and only YOU could make a garage sale so dang *charming* ... love the chalkboard on the jeep.