Wednesday, November 01, 2006

and a happy Halloween it was.

a chance run in with
Britney Spears, K-fed, and
baby sean. Can you believe
gooey twix filled baby boy fingers.

Old school candy..Hello?? made my night for sure. Even my tongue was filled with colors from the Razzles!! loved it!

And then my little unicorn. So precious. Thank goodness that we have dress up costumes because after she changed her mind about being Dora, the Unicorn came in quite handy.
she looked so cute running around with her little pumpkin pail and saying Trick or Treat in her shy girl voice.
i loved every minute of it.
Even Anthony and i dressed up for the night. I tried to figure out how to be Fergie but couldn't think of a way to not look trampie. She can pull it off, but i sure don't have the body or the courage with two young kids to give it a whirl.
i did go as a skydiver though. So less cool but the look worked due to Anthony's gear .
Anthony at the last minute made himself into a rubics cube. i'll just not even go into detail, but it was a sight to see.

what a great way to end the month!!


Karla said...

Hey girl...glad to be here at your blog. You children are CUTE! My favorite animal is a unicorn!!! Although I just say horse for people who might think my head is in the clouds! The ARE real!!! LOL! I would have loved to see the cube! Now I am all imagining it in my head. It's lookin' pretty crazy in there! Well, i am glad to see you all had a fun asnd safe night. That Brittney and Kevin...dead on funny! By the way if you want to come to my blog the new one is: Chat with you later -bye

DBird said...

LMAO on the Britney and KFed because I read it before the picture loaded. Ahahahahaha.

Ahhhhhh, she is adorable in her unicorn costume :) I would've gave her two handfulls of candy.. (I get selective... the cuter the costume is, the more candy you get). lol.

POP ROCKS? Umm, two please! Haha. Glad you guys had fun.

Heidi Joe said...

You seriously have the cutest kids! Did Kyan walk yet? =)

(I give candy out on cuteness factor, too... so they would have gotten a ton at my house... Psh, I would have been like, take it all! We're closed for the night!)