Wednesday, November 22, 2006

thankful am i

in no particular order really...just a few things i am thankful for this year.
my health
my precious babies
my loving husband.
our safe and happy home

this can of cranberry sauce...yummy
my family....every one of them.
that i still am my daddys little girl.

that i just killed a flying cockroach in our house. can't have those flying around when i fall new nephew that should be born anyday.

the beautiful beach we call our backyard.
my mom's english boyfriend that is visiting her and keeping her so happy.
that i have almost lost all of my pregnancy weight...whew.
that i am learning to run. still hating it, but learning to accept it in my life.

Most of all....
the love and support of all my friends and family.
my life would be so empty without your relationships.

Happy turkey day to all.


Heidi Joe said...

You are so cute... Happy Thanksgiving to you!

I also love the can of cranberry sauce... I insist on the canned cranberries... it even has to have the "can lines" on it or I won't eat it!! HA!

Karla said...

Well that is just one of the sweetest darn things I have ever read!!! You are precious!
....oh, I HATE cranberry sauce though. I coulda did without all that!! LOL! You have a good sleep tonight kay? -Kalra

DBird said...


Haha. Canlines on cranberry - yeah, thas how we do it too :)

So basically, I love your list of and basically, I can't wait to see you tomorrow. I'll be super thankful for that :)

michelleguray said...

omygosh, i love your family pic! your list is so sweet! hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving!