Wednesday, November 29, 2006

a maui good time

the boys enjoying the Maui Ocean Center's turtles.IRL...loved meeting up with Miss D bird herself. She is ultra cool. I have to say that i am a huge nerd and was so nervous. When we saw eachother we just hit it off though. Talking and laughing and just hanging out. Its probably a good thing we do not live on the same island because we could do some major shopping damage. and can you imagine combined shipping...oh yea! I hope we can for sure meet up again and do some scrappin. i had a blast, even though our visit was short. and thanks Anthony for taking the kids to Happy Feet, even though they were not so happy while watching it.Uncle guy checkin out the fish with the wee onesthis time last week we were packin up to island hop over to Maui for Thanksgiving with my brother, Sil and nephew Logan. We had such a fun time.
it started in the airport with miss Olivia, the flight attendant wanna be, trucking her toys. Loved seeing that.
Then we enjoyed a beachside, potluck style Thanksgiving. Yummy!!!
More time was spent shopping, eating, and enjoying the beach. It was so wonderful to see all the cousins playing together. There is nothing as special as time spent with family. It will be nice when we all live closer and can do it more often.

so now we are in full gear Christmas mode.
tree. check.
decorations. check.
music. check.
feeling of comfort and joy. check, check.
stockings hung. check x 4

I know its not even December yet, but man i love me some Christmas time joy!!


jamie said...

yay for family and time well spent making memories.

that's a cute pic of you and D. I bet you both had an awesome time.

and way to go for getting Christmas started at your house. it's going on over here too, just need to get wrapping and putting of gifts under the tree!

DBird said...

Awwwww, love those pictures.

So glad you came over here and had a most wonderful time with the family. Such a good filling :) and we would definately do some damage while shopping... haha, especially with the holidays here. Scrap time next time for sure.

Happy Holidays, woot woot!

amber said...

Um, Thanksgiving on the beach? Yeah, I'm a little jealous! ;) Sounds like a fab Thanksgiving to me! And that pic of you and D is the CUTEST! So exciting that you got to meet up! :)

ahardy said...


you are definitely kickin some
Christmas *spirit* a**!
so cool you got to hang with D!

those are cute photos too!

Karla said...

Man all of that sounds so cool! I sure could see myself right there in that picture...right outside the plane waving like a dork! A happy girl going to Maui dork!!!
You enjoy all that the holidays have to bring!

Heidi Joe said...

You guys are so freaking cute! I love the little lady with her cart o' toys... that's me when I travel, totally.