Thursday, November 09, 2006

ideas are a flowin'



i got this catalog in the mail yesterday and am in awe.

the christmas ornaments in here have my mind spinning.

gotta make something cool like that soon.


michelleguray said...

oooo can you really make something like those? i've been eyeing that owl and the mermaids since their ads first came out. i wish i could buy everything! they're so pretty!

Karla said...

Glad you got your gears-a-twitchin'! Because we all get to benefit too!LOL! These are so adorable. I might have to lift this for my little kiddos to enjoy tfs. -KArla

Heidi Joe said...

I always tell people that I could LIVE in Anthropologie. They have a bed in the back, and soap and they sell underwear... I could wash up in the ladies room. I even did a LO about it!!

Loved that catalog... we have a teensy tree this year, (one bedroom apt.) so I am going to do a fun tree!

DBird said...

I so love how they have the 'Holiday Helper' for every type of person you could encounter on your list. Such one of the coolest sites :) And I can't wait, can't wait to see what you be doing after all this inspiration :)

Way cool MR.