Thursday, November 16, 2006

i can post again.

dang...blogger was not wanting to work with me the past few days, but i am here now.

still working on the circle journal thing with the best group of girls out there.

just finished Michelle Guray's and dang that things a beauty! next i'm due to get Alex's and can hardly wait.

i love these things.

so anyway, we have this post going where we can say "hey" and i was curious as to what everyone's scrap area looked like and to hear where everyone scraps. we have a super long living room and we split it in half with the couch and so the backside of the room is our office/scrap area. i was ecstatic when a local restaurant went out of business and i got a huge metal rack for my organizer boxes and a gigantic table for workspace that i covered for super cheap. yipee. about 6 years ago when we lived in Virginia, i used our coffee table and would have to do the pack up..then bring out game. fun times. its funny how this hobby can take over some major space, but for good reason though. right?

don't i look like a little wimp gangster in the one photo? it made me laugh though so i thought i'd share it.

since taking those pics the other day, i cleaned up a little and found some projects that i have been wanted to do forever. So i stuck my heels in and made Kyan's name. Forgot how easy those things are and am so glad i finally finished it for his room. Poor boy. Its so much funner to decorate a girly girl room and so i have long had Olivia's done and now i have got to push to get his all fun like. one step down, many more to go.

also in crazy news here... we had a tsumami watch here again yesterday. eeekks. We got a call at 5 am but luckily it passed with minimal results. Below is an article that was in the paper and for sure got me a little rattled.

Story:Mini-tsunami has minimal effect on Kaua'i Surfers and fishermen noticed a tidal change that exposed reefs after yesterday's tsunami, but no damage, injuries or severe flooding werereported on island, officials said. The only reported flooding was a 21/2-foot swell that flooded a parkinglot at Nawiliwili Harbor, according to Mary Daubert, county spokeswoman. For more of this story, click on or type the URL below:

the key word in there in MINI. yikes. any at all is too much for me.

The whole warning got me thinking about how i need to be more prepared now. A little good comes out of everything right?


Karla said...

Wow...stay safe chick!!! And a great Yippie on your new storage! That's always fun. And let me tell you...those are the cuttest wooden letters I have EVER seen!

peace -Karla

jamie K said...

omg MR. Kyan's name is the cutest ever. So surfer dude-ish.

thanks for sharing the pics of your space. Maybe I'll get to it today. I need to get my scrap stuff upstairs at the least since my parents are coming in a few weeks and need the 2nd bedroom to sleep in. I'm so lazy and slow...

stay safe, but not that you can control nature. thank god for MINI because if it was REGULAR size, that's not good.

amber said...

You did an Awesome job on those letters! I will try to post my scrap space soon. That's a great idea to share our spaces! Have a great weekend & stay safe!

CKU binder girl Jenny said...

hey hon, so fun to your new space. it IS crazy how this little obsession, oops, i mean hobby takes over. apologize to Anthony for me again. :)

michelleguray said...

so that's where all the awesome work is done! love your pics!

and yes thank God it was a mini one but still...i can imagine how scary it all is.

jp said...

um, you are tooo cute!! And, I have that shirt too!! LOL!!!

DBird said...

Yay for his letter name :) Ahhhh, so so so boyish and cute.

I so love your gangster pic. Haha. Way to rock the hat, for rill. Your scrappity space is radness. I'm yet to snap a pic of my uber uber messy humble and cluttered corner. Maybe after I unpack some more tonight? Heh. Wishful thinking.

Yay for Saturday (Old Navy it is!). And lunch where ever. If you're feeling Korean BBQ, Japanese, Mexican-ish... lemme know. We've got options.