Wednesday, November 08, 2006

november 8th here

WIshing a huge, big, gigantic happy birthday to my mother in law Vera who is celebrating her 60th today. I hope you are truly enjoying your special day and we'll have to do a belated celebration when we come to Dallas for Thanksgiving.
Happy birthday to Jamie (kokopuffs) too. Made you this little goodie bling tin filled with some fun embellies. It will be coming your way soon. Happy day!!!fun news for me too. I was asked to be a guest designer at a challenge website called Beyond Appearances and this is my can check out the details here... what a fun thing to join in with you girls....thanks!


Heidi Joe said...

You are a total star. Unbelievable! I love that LO... it's so awesome... your style kicks butts and takes names, Michelle... "for rill." (as Dbird would say!)

And Dallas? Dude, that's like 4 hours from here! Woot.

Hope you are having a great day! Night? What time is it there??

=) =) =)

Karla said...

BEYOND GREAT!!! You have talent like no other girl. Congratulations!!!! You deserve to design for ANYONE with those skills!

michelleguray said...

congrats on being guest designer and i love all the awesomeness from you today!! you definitely rock, michelle!!

Jamie said...

thanks miss MR for the birthday love!
seems like there's lots of birthdays going on for you huh?

your guest designer layout rocks. I mean R-O-C-K rocks. such flair and so cool. congrats!

DBird said...

For rill, for rill. Guest designer is blowing me away! I'm so happy for you. And I said it on 2Peas, but they be some smarties to have you :) Gosh, that's so rad. Yay for Michelle!

Hey wait... you going to Dallas for Thanksgiving? I thought you were coming to visit me :) Heh.

I so love what you made for the J. How perrrty. And so very sweet.