Monday, November 06, 2006

just a another day here

not much is new really.

mom always says "no news is good news"

took the kids to gym playgroup this morning.

mailed off some goodies.

enjoying listening to tunes on my ipod.

hanging out in the sun and so glad its not cold here.

sending my warm juju your way if you are where its cold.

bummed that the Bachelor is not on tv tonight.

heading to craft night soon though and that'll be fun.

proud of my husband for finishing this 10 mile run 1st in his age group ...go baby go!
thinking how fun it would be to make a mini book of all his race stuff...hmmm.

1 comment:

amberskolnick said...

loved your random day comments
i am so jealous you live in kauai
i got married there
cool photo!!