Saturday, February 24, 2007

baby's daddy's drama...

and this GI Jane wannabe. Seriously. I feel so bad for this girl.
to go from Mickey mouse to crazy, umbrella striking,mom...eeeks.
poor kids of both Anna Nicole and Britney.
for some silly reason i can not get enough of these 2 stories...
sad, i know.

but now if i think i am having a "bad mommy moment" , i just have to remember..its never this dramatic and crazy!

on a sweeter note...i have 2 winnners for the Anniversary help.
it was hard to choose because you all brought it with some great ideas.
i am going to do a combination project of life aboards Leather idea (after all that is the gift to give at the 3 year mark ) and Breanne's mini album idea.
i just scored some funky ultrasuede from the thrift shop and need to get to work creating stat.
sorry for the stat...still coming down off of the Greys Anatomy HUGE show. *loved it*
i'll be sure to post the gift in all its glory and love soon.

thanks all for your help and happy weekend!


mguray said...

so much drama going on! i have to admit too that i listen and watch.

can't wait to see what you create! have a great weekend!

Breanne Crawford said...

eek! you know i am SO excited.

and i hadn't seen that britney pic. holy crapola. insanity!

*~*Amber*~* said...

Gosh.... mad crazy brit huh? psycho! dude... for real. poor kiddos... never thought id every say this, but I hope Fed-X gets the kids. he's seems more stable! Anna Nicole case is still baffling me. O... congrats to the winners

d. chedwick bryant said...

Brutney going berserk AND Ultrasuede...I'm glad I found this blog!

d. chedwick bryant said...

You know I MEANT to type Britney... Geeez, how weird is it that.

jamie k said...

very cool!!

I'm sure the Mister will love it.

I'm over the Britney and Anna Nicole drama. I hope the kids don't suffer in the end, they're what's in important.