Friday, February 02, 2007

fun stuff all around.

oh boy there is alot of fun going around.
i did this layout for the Why I scrapbook contest at two peas.
Also made these two birthday goodies and layout for the birthday bash at Pub calls
be sure to check it out for lots of fun and free goodies too.

and then over here they are having a big sale. I found out about this great site from heidi who is a superstar on their design team and signed up for their newsletter.
yipee for good sales and happy scrappin days.


Nura Keif said...

WOHOO girl!!I saw your name on the PUB blog!!You won Deja View and Scrapgalaxy package!!CONGRATS babey!!!

Jamie K said...

mR, those party shindigs are crazy ridiculous!!
i so LUH-UVE the glitter.
rock it sister...

BTW, we might be heading to your neck of the woods in a few months...maybe I'll see you??

Alison said...

Those are rad

Breanne said...

holy crap. i LOVE that page. (you know. the why i scrapbook one. thats my fave)

and thanks for enabling the shopping! :0

michelleguray said...

you've got lots of fabulousness going on here, missy! congrats on the Pub stuff!! and yes i looooooove your why i scrapbook page! the best one in my book!