Wednesday, February 21, 2007

oh this was too fun...rOund 2

so i have to say that i was getting together the RAK that Amber and Josh won and decided to do another. Dang do i love giving to others. so... see this picture?
thats anthony and i all spiffed up and we all know with 2 kids that doesn't happen very often.
well, its our anniversary next week.
I always love doing something he'll remember.
but...this year, maybe you can help a girl out?

this is the package i am sending out to AMber and you can get a similar one too if you are up for the challenge. Full of rubons, trims, flowers, letterpress, and much more.
Just leave a little somethin somethin that i can do or make for my man by FRiday and i'll pick my favorite one and then send you some 'fresh from Michelle's scrap area goodness"
thanks in advance and can't wait to hear what you all come up with.


Got said...

i'm totally not creative in that regard. im a mini album kinda gal when it comes to making stuff for others...

my last bf... i made a mini called "a different love story" with pics and the story of how we met... and how i was feeling the whole time... and whatnot. he loved it.

happy anniversary!

Breanne Crawford said...

that was me ^^^ i have a bad habit of not having the right name signed in. jeesh.

Jamie said...

WOW that is some package, some one is going to have a happy mail day/....

Lets see anniversary, how about take that photo of the two of you. Make a canvas, a key chain (that he can carry, do you have access to a photo cube I just did one and they are so much fun.

Good luck and I am sure he will love it whatever you decide:)

Jennifer said...


Stop by my blog, take a look. My hubby loved it!

Sarah said...

that necklace is HOT.

and I have no idea about the present. I'll be stalking the comments to get ideas myself!

Life Aboard said...

What about making one of these PocketMods for him and printing it on nice paper and binding it into a little book/journal. My husband actually found this link and sent it to me so I think guys would like it!
It's cool because you can choose what you want to print inside and it can all be done on one sheet of paper, if you fold it right. Here's the create it page:
My husband for one wouldn't like anything too altered, but he would love it if it was bound in leather - maybe you could find a thin piece and try stitching it together and wrapping a leather cord around it for a closure!

Kim F 267 said...

What about a scavenger hunt? Create a large heart and write "I Love You" on it. Cut it up into puzzle like pieces, and write clues on the back that will lead him to the next piece. When he gets to the final piece, he can put the heart together and read the message!

scrapcat said...

How about making a mini-album that fits into his wallet. Maybe use one of the wallet size photo holders. While you're at it you could buy him a new wallet and slip the album inside as a surprise? So at first glance it's an ordinary gift but BAM inside it's one of your amazing creations? And could also slip other goodies inside like tickets to a concert or other event.

Have fun! oh, and btw, congrats on GGG!

Francine said...

How about a mini album full of coupons? I made one of these for my dh a couple years ago. Coupons included things like Movie night, game night, taking over his chore for a week, massages etc. And some free choice ones where he got to choose what the coupon was good for. Our anniversary is coming up next week so I might be stealing some of the ideas people leave here for me! LOL

Happy Anniversary!

Nura Keif said...

Happy Anniversary!!:-D

ahardy said...

i guess i'm gonna be the
official "dirty girl".
that's okay though.
my hubs appreciates me
making something cute....
but i never leave it at that.
i'm always a big fan of the cheesy
homemade CD with all of *our* jams
on it. & definitely some food. if you need to
include the all means, do so.
candlelight and all. :)
order some yummy takeout.
& then put them to bed! is some Victoria's Secret!
a cute bra/tank and some
boy shorts. i dunno. that's what melts
my guy. i hope it helps.

Shelli Arnold said...

OK- this one's a bit different. Make reservations at a romantic restaurant, make a gorgeous heart-felt card, and present it along with a boudoir photo of yourself. This isn't something porno or trashy, it's a tasteful rendering of you in sexy lingerie. His own personal photo of you he can keep and look at any time he wants to!

kokopuffs said...

alex beat me to it...
i was going to suggest going old school and making a CD or even older school...a cassette tape! but does anyone have a tape player anymore?

but I like that wallet idea. that would be a double wow. first a new wallet and then BAM! a mini inside!

Crystal said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!
One of my ideas is a 4x4 mini album that counts down like David Letterman. Ideas would be: Top 10 reasons that I fell in love with you, Top 10 reasons that I love our life together, Top 10 reasons that we belong together, etc. It would be super cute made with Marah Johnson's Lovestruck "tattoo style" paper and embellies. So cute! I had this in mind for my anniversary gift! Also a little champagne & chocolates, and a nice dinner added would make the deal sweeter!
Good luck and have a great anniversary.

DBird said...

jaims' comment on the cassette tape. muwahahah. i have a tape deck in my toyota.. wapowww. hahahahaha.

i don't have any creative suggestions right now, but seriously... look at you two hottie boom botties! love is in the air :)

i know whatever you do it will be *fab*, my lady. happy anniv times fo sho.

staceyfike said...

#1 - how cute are you two???

#2 - happy anniversary!!!!

#3 - i did a scavenger hunt once me if you want the dirty!!!