Wednesday, February 28, 2007


so my secret is out.
yes it is my birthday and wow do i like to try and keep it quiet.
i am more of the type to do for others and when people are sweet to me, i get all shy.
i have to say it has been a wonderful day though.
thanks to my kids.
a train ride.
coldstone creamery Cake batter with sprinkles.
loads of phone calls.
and super heart "felt" birthday wishes from these girls and others.
thanks to you all for thinking of me on my special day.
it means so much to me and the day is not even over yet.
another secret...
today is my wedding Anniversary too, so a HOT date is coming up in a few hours.
can hardly wait to spend some lovey dovey time with my man.
gotta shower and get spiffed up.
again...thanks and i'll update more tomorrow.


Kim said...

Happy Birthday Michelle!!!

kokopuffs said...

aw mR!
i just wanna hug you when I see that pic of you and the kids.

lots of birthday love headed your way from the girls. and I take it you got the theme of our love. we "felt" it was so you. hehehe.

have a great night with the hubby and happy anniversary!

Heidi Joe said...

Happy Birthday, for rills! I love that photo... the little bubbs look so cute! Kyan clearly wants you to hurry up with the photo taking so he can get back to his treat eating! So cute. Have fun on your hot date!

mguray said...

ooooh, happy birthday and happy anniversary! you totally deserve all the sweet stuff.

lee woodside said...

Happy Birthday and happy anniversary.

jacQ said...

happyhappy happy anniversary dear!!! :) You have a great nite out too ....

Nura Keif said...

Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary!!:-D

Life Aboard said...

Happy belated birthday! I wanted to thank you for the goodies you sent me from your contest. You are SO generous and kind - I cannot believe all the amazing stuff I got. I can't wait to get playing with it all! Thanks again, Angie