Tuesday, February 13, 2007

ya herd?

ok these are some cheesy shirts i saw on this website from my neighbor Olivia.
they made for laugh today though and had to share.
i love that Linda has one as her picture too. Its quite possibly one of the funniest around.

**another funny thing today was seeing this layout jamie made of the Cupid goodies i sent her. Love it girl.

** and one more laugh....i went out to lunch with my neighbor and her kids. After eating it was potty time and in the bathroom her 4 year old son asks..
"why do you sit down mommy?"
"because that's what girls do."
"well maybe when you get bigger, you can stand up and get one of these."
he say while pointing to his "thing"
oh dang...love what kids think up.

Hope you had some laughs in your day too.


Jamison KokoPuffs said...

my brother used to wear those velcro shoes just a few years back. he bought them at kmart and rocked them...or so he says. next thing you know, others are sportin' them too.

I love witty shirts. they make you stop, think and then chuckle.

mR, I really do love the things you got me. Mike and I are still contemplating whether or not we should open the M&M's. the peanut ones are our downfall.

missquiss said...

I love those T-shirts. I still wear T-shirts with funny slogans sometimes even though I'm pretty sure I'm too old for them.

Michelle said...

omg i love the designs on those shirts! i think my favorite is the sheep. off to check out the link!

ahardy said...

yes. kids have a way with words,
that's for sure.
my hubs is a big fan of that t-shirt
site. funny, smart a** stuff.
love that!
Happy Valentine's Day Hot Mama!

Heidi Joe said...

Dude, this post is crackin' me up...

If you love those shirts, try Palmer Cash, too! They have some funny ones...