Monday, February 26, 2007

some new schtuff.

a few layouts i did the other day. I have been busy and sadly have not had alot of time to scrap. This makes me cranky. Luckily, my Zingboom kit should be here today and its craft night tonight, so scrapping is in my near future...yipee!
and i put this beauty together . I have had this framed photo for years and have wanted to flip the print and do something like this. Its full of pictures over the past few years and now what was an eye sore, is eye candy to me. We hang it in our front entry way low enough so the kids can enjoy it too and oh do they.
**love the power of pictures**


Nura Keif said...

Love all of them!!That full of pictures is amazing!!

Breanne Crawford said...

wow. id love looking at that. love it. so much.

ahardy said...

that is one kickin' photo collage!
it IS such a joy to hear the kids enjoying/talking
about the pic's, huh?
i catch mine telling stories like they know
all about each photo.

Jamie K said...

dude mR. I am still in awe and so amazed that you are married to a Navy pilot. i think that is the coolest thing. Mike and I will sit and watch the History Channel or the Military Channel and it's just amazing. He gets to fly jets and stuff...and wear the cool jumpsuit and can go super mack speed like no problem. I wanna be cool like that. can you tell him how cool I think he is? and I can't wait to meet everyone in person real real soon?

okay I'm done.

michelleguray said...

oh wow. love your scrappies and your photo collage. that's so cool. and it's so true about the kiddos...they love seeing their pics!

Heidi Joe said...

Ooh, girl! Love that photo collage! And I love that your kids love it too... they will probably love it forever, too. SO fun!! And your scrappin goods are killin' me! I need my mojo to come back soon.

*~*Amber*~* said...

Awesome girl! love the layouts and i totally love the new frame! we have something very similar in our dining room. i love em! o... and zingBOOM goodness... i've got my "street team" goodness coming in march, along w/my octopus garden! woo hoo! Can't wait!

DBird said...

omgosh mR, that collage is so dang cool. holy crap. i love how there's splashes of the color ones. genius.

i love the maverick reference. "You Never Close Your Eyes Anymore........." in the bar karaoke style, muwhahaha. Top Gun = Radness. And to think, you lucky lucky girlah get that In Real Life! Haha.

love how you whip out them pages.

Vee said...