Sunday, February 04, 2007

chi town shout out.

so please welcome our good friends..the Carstens family.
and how cute is baby Delaney with that mini mohawk?!? love it.
any way, they are the BIGGEST Chicago bears fan. Ryan even leaves a normal message on their machine and then at the end adds "go bears". oh no, not just at football season either...year round.
i am so happy that their bears are in the SUperbowl this year.
one bummer.
Ryan is on deployment and can't even have a beer while enjoying the game on the ship.
don't worry Ryan, Anthony will have more than a couple for you.
and speaking of my husband...
can you tell he is married to a scrapbooker?

so its a little dark, but love that hhe thinks to take them.
he's pretty darn creative too.
him and is compadre Keith are always busy biking, hiking or running and my man always is there to get the photos.

GO BEARS and Happy Superbowl sunday to all.
Hope your sunday is full of good food and hilarious commericals too.


staceyfike said...

happy superbowl sunday to you too!!!

p.s. what kind of dog??

Nura Keif said...

Cool photos...aww... the baby is so cute...TFS

Karla said...

It didn't turn out in there favor but the game really was a good one! Hope you guys had fun anyway!