Tuesday, April 17, 2007


i saw this the other day it its weighing heavy on my heart.
"Joey was released from the hospital last Tuesday. His cancer is considered terminal, and they believe they have done all they can for him. We are devastated. Parents should raise their children to live and have good lives not prepare them for what I'm going to have to do. He was heartbroken and is NOT ready to give up. That makes me happy, and we will do whatever we can to help him with that."

JOey and family, you are in my thoughts and prayers!

and then i saw this. What an amazing woman you are Tania Willis!!!
so glad i could help.
maybe you can too!


shelly b said...

makes me very sad and makes my stupid let downs insignificant.

Vee said...

totally blew me away when I read her post at 2peas
I can not imagine
tw rocks
:)...thanks for the reminder