Monday, April 16, 2007

a little share & Google this*

as i am anxiously awaiting the Rouge De garance DT announcement, i realized i had not shared this little girl.
i've had that shirt thingy for over 2 years and finally dug it out and played. Something fun for my daughters Hawaiian themed room.
the little swim girl is from a vintage book i found not long ago , rouge papers, hambly and some stickers from a Poppy ink kit too.
fun fun.
wish me luck! speaking of fun, i had to do the google "what michelle needs" thing that amber and others started.

here's what i found out.
Michelle needs your help (a nanny, a cook, anyone....echo echo)
Michelle needs to exercise her right to shut the f*ck up. ...(oops)
Michelle needs help translating (true that. The imao thingies get me lost)
Michelle needs money so she can travel (sure. My bank account number is...)
michelle needs the viking hat protection? (nu uh..i ain't no viking's fan! Buffalo Bills all the way)
Michelle needs to go solo. (like a girls weekend? funny you mentioned it..i'm off this weekend)
Michelle needs to come over to my house, make me some tacos & burritos (I'm on my way )
Michelle needs dancing lessons (and i thought i had rhythm)
Michelle needs to smile like that all the time (cheese!)
Michelle needs to rock! (i try with a little roll too)


DBird said...

mR!!! ahhh, that project is gorgeous! oh man, oh man! good luckahs.. the waiting part is the crunch, eh? things are blowin' up for you and i'm just glad to you know you :)

and hello, The Clash! rock the casbahhhhh, rock the casbahhh. that would be you, sister! heh.

Heidi Joe said...

Dang girl, that little shirty is sooo cute! Rouge De Garance stuff is so hard to find around here. I hope you make it on their DT... you would so rock that stuff!

Vee said...

I love your ptoject!!
it is so cute!!
I am waiting fot the dt too! :)
isn't that google thing funny!

{Scrap_A_Bee} said...

Totally cool! I love such art illustrations!

Nura Keif said...

Love that project to bits!!