Friday, April 06, 2007

no silly. That dye is for eggs... before talking the egg debacle i have to share this layout.
if you are in law enforcement...please stop reading here.

this was a challenge over at the new super fab website, Story of my life.
scrap your favorite number.
i love 21.
thanks to an awesome fake id @17, i got to enjoy the fruits of being 21 for 5 years.
fun to scrap it, but my kids need know that no way will i let them have one.
i may have to hide this layout when they get older.

on the Easter tip.
we had a little vinegar smelling, egg dying session.
so fun to have the kids play.
Kyan is such a boy. Licking the coloring wand and not dropping his snack bowl. And when i yanked the wand out of his mouth he just dunked his fist into the dye. a multi tasker already.
What a look and i must say his skin was more decorated than any egg.

and my little "i don't wanna get my dress dirty" girl. So gentle and detailed.
I love the holidays for having the chance to pass on traditions.
one down side.
every time i open my fridge, it smells of eggs...yikes.
menu for lunch tomorrow...egg salad sandwiches...yum!


Vee said...

love love LOVE your layout!!
eveything is perfect.
so awesome and what a story!!
your children look so cute coloring eggs
egg salad is devine!
have a wonderful easter chica :)

Vee said...

congrats girlie with the SWSTV dt!!
you are awesome :)

Heidi Joe said...

Oh crap, that is so funny! First of all that LO is hilarious... cracks me up! Love the photos of the bubbies, too. Kyan keeping a firm grip on the munchies while dunkin' a fist in the yellow. Priceless. And that vinegar smell rules, too... it's most def. associated with Easter.

I need to post the LO I did for SOML, too! I keep forgetting... oops!

Breanne Crawford said...

i LOVE that layout! and it made me laugh!!

sarahb said...

THAT is a freakin' awesome layout!!! SERIOUSLY!!!

sarah b