Monday, April 02, 2007

a true vacation

so i had a huge detailed post and my computer ate it up, so hopefully the photos will speak nicely to you.

We had a super time and its definatly the first time we have felt like we were on vacation not just working harder than normal with the kids.

skydiving= crazy fun

happy kids in front of the chi chi stores= a riot!

dolphin kissing= bliss

kids under 3 free= sweet deal

togetherness for a week in paradise= priceless.

you can read more in my spiffy travel journal. This one was too fun not to do another, like one for every trip.

fun times all around...for real!


DBird said...

ohmahgosh mR!!!!!!! that is crazy fun :) so dang cool, eh!

love the travel journal... don'tcha wanna make one every single time now? heh. (i'm half way done with my foreverago seattle book, but dude, you're back and .34 of a day later, yours is gusto!) score.

you have some big you know whats to jump out of a plane mid air woman. seeeeeriously. BIG!

love the kissy dolphin, awwwww!!!
i have so much to say, hahaha. and i *adore* that family pic :)

amber said...

What a fab trip! Cannot believe that you jumped out of a plane. Oh my. How brave are you??

And the swimming with the dolphins- sounds so awesome.

Vee said...

love love your vacation pics!!
looks like you had a total blast!!
the dolphin pic is wild!!!!
so cute :)
love yout travel album
looks totally awesome!!
gave you much love on 2peas :)
can't wait to fill mine up :)

staceyfike said...

you skydiving = me jealous

how cool was it really????

glad you had a great time and i love your journal!!!

Heidi Joe said...

Okay, Dang and Whooooooa.

Jumping out of a plane? HOLY COW!
Kissing dolphins and swimming with them? Heck yeah! Cute kids and hubby... love all those photos and your travel journal kicks major boo-tay.

HOLLA to you!!

lee woodside said...

Thatjournal is just way cool!

Michelle Guray said...

what a seriously awesome vacay you had. love your pics. the skydiving one is awesome! love your need to get that baby pubbed for sure.

Courtney DeLaura said...

can you feel the jealousy seeping from my pores LOL - see not afraid to admit "I WANNNNNA GO ON VACA"

you guys are the cutest family.
can't wait to see you scrap pics with some zingboomness!


Breanne Crawford said...

those pics are freaking FABULOUS

and omg.

that album


it makes me squeal.

Nura Keif said...

Love those pictures!! fantastic album!!:-D

Colleen said...

OMG that travel journal freakin rocks my socks girl

glad you are back!

*~*Amber*~* said...

Girl... these pics are totally awesome. skydiving had to be a real big trip! haha aww... and smooches from a dolphin... presh!
i love all the pics girl. so glad u enjoyed every lil bit!! xoxo

zingBOOM said...

ahhhhh. the pictures are definitely speaking to me. The other day Naomi and I were reading about Dolphins (she can't get enough of non-fiction animal books) and i told her "i know a girl who is going to swim with dolphins" meaning YOU, and just now I showed her your dolphin kiss pic - she definitely wants to kiss dolphins when she grows up!

kokopuffs said...

okay, that travel journal looks frickin' awesome. just looks so yummy and pretty with the red, white and blue edges. so travel-y and fun. do i get to see it in person soon? *wink wink*

and i think i *almost* want to do the sky diving thing too when we're in HI. but i think i might pee my pants...

the kiddos show so much resemblance to you and the DH. Olivia looks like and and Kyan like hubby. i can totally see it.

jacQ said...

welcome back!!! Wow.... the photos are amazing, i love the travel journal!!! :) You all look so relaxed and chill! Now i need a holiday :) Beautiful kids!!! :)

shelly b said...

You are too funny! You look so cool jumping out of the plane, when I did it, it was freezing and they dropped me through a cloud and I had ice on me when I landed. Needless to say, my pictures are not quite as happy as yours. Looks like a fun va*ca.