Friday, April 13, 2007

*fridays fiNds*

"This is how we do it.
Its friday night, and I feel all right
The party is here on the west side"

*remember that Montell Jordan song.
yeah, it popped in my head and i got to thinking.
i know as crafters we are always finding cool things here and there.
so fridays are gonna be my "found" days.
it could be scrappy, recipes, clothes....who knows what will show up here.
so.....da da da....
goodie 1*
I found these ultra cute pin cushions awhile back and am in love.
must make one soon!
hello,felt? how could i go wrong?
goodie 2*
and this mag!!!
i freaked when i saw it at Costco.
ok, so i will not be making that poncho out of a picnic tablecloth, but the ideas inside are fierce.
and for those who don't know, the inside of my house is mostly beachy and can you see the "Float a surfboard shelf" article?!?
seriously want!
goodie 3*
Deep Fried Pickles
if you have never had these....indulge yourself this weekend!!
dang they are yummy!

happy weekend!


Vee said...

happy friday!!
fried pickles, never heard of it
you fry them yourself??
love me some pickles ;)
love the pin cuhsion
man i need to learn how to sew.

kokopuffs said...

not sure about fried pickles. I don't even eat them NOT fried. so I'll leave my share for you mR.

I'll have to check out that mag. AND I was at Costco today too! oh boogs...

have a good weekend!

*~*Amber*~* said...

deep fried pickles... a Hooters speciality!!! LOVE EM!!! and that pin cush.. presh... gotta check out that mag... xoxo

stephaniehowell said...

fried pickles...yummmm.
fried green tomatoes...yummmm.
my mouth is watering.
and while the rest of the things you showed are beyond cute, i'm so not crafty!

Nura Keif said...

Cute stuffs there. I love the pin cushion. Enjoy your weekend, girl!!:-D

kerry :: k8tykat said...

i love readymade.
try and get some back issues.
they rock the diy!

amber said...

That pin cushion is adorable! And that mag sounds so cool. I could so see you in a tablecloth poncho. ;) Have a fab weekend!!