Thursday, April 19, 2007

fridays finds 2*

*all this ric rackin goodness for 50 cents. big ups habitat for humanity thrift store.
*seeing these on my fridge and knowing i finally get to use them tomorrow!!
*a sale at this place.

*finding this thingy to play music from Alison and Linda's blog.

have no idea how to play music automatically though. help needed please?!?

did you find any cool things this week?
happy weekend all and i'll be back monday from my girls, good food, dancing, Jack johnson, drinking, shopping filled weekend!!
just a tad bit excited. *insert ear to ear grin here*


Vee said...

ric rac looks awesome!!
love west elm
the store is so fab!!
have fun at your concert
smooches :)

Colleen said...


dude...we have a west elm right down the road. hmmmmmmmmmmm. gonna have to check 'em out

have fun at the concert!

*~*Amber*~* said...

ric rac... LOVE it! have a rawkin time at the concert. i love me some JJ!!! xoxo

stephaniehowell said...

have fun, so jealous.

kokopuffs said...

ric rac = SCORE!!!
you can never have enough ric rac.

I found a good thing today...or rather was introduced to it. I'll have to post about it later on...

becky said...

have fun! love your finds! i hit a great estate sale last weekend and got a bunch of cool vintage sewing notions.

shelly b said...

I LOVE JJ!! So jealous right now!!

Breanne Crawford said...

wow. ric rac awesomenesss.

have fun at the show!!

Pound said...

um, ric rac?! how much do i love ric rac?
a lot!

curious george! jj pretty much means curious george around here. fun.

Jennifer said...

I LOVE thift stores! you can find the best stuff there. I recently got my first west elm catalog. loving that!!!

Vee said...

tagged you girl!!
check out my blog for deets
saw the amazingg shout on celine's blog about you!!
i already knew you are the bestest :);)

NancyJones said...

OMGOSH I LOOOOVEEE RIC RAK what a super score girl!!!