Thursday, April 26, 2007

i really should be doing lots of other things....but

i've been tagged by quite a few people.
flattered? yes.
so here i go with my 7 randoms.
and oh am i random.
1. gave in and watched part of an episode of this trainwreak.
couldn't make it through the whole thing because of Donna's laugh. Seriously. i did not even like her on 90210. 2.on the 90210 tip...i owned and sported the 90210 perfume. In my teenage years i thought i would just die if my mom didn't get it for me.
so thanks to that stank, i am still living.

3. bought this beauty while on Oahu and am in love. I am a picker by nature and this tool is the shiz nit! run to get one.
heidi...are they really ok to use though?

4. i did go through the Mc donalds drive thru just for an 89 cents x-large coke today.

5. sometimes i so badly want to give into my kids fits, but i am trying to stay strong and consistant.
6. i was tickled when i saw this on celines blog the other day. To top it off, she asked me if i'd be up for swapping photos?!? like i would say no to this art goddess!!! so excited!

7. i am addicted to spinning. really, if you have never tried this aerobic class, you should. I feel so energized and worked after the hour long class. 7 1/2. throughout jr. high and high school i did cheerleading and love moving to the beat. Awesome music is the key to spinning.

uh ch uh ch...feel the beat?


Vee said...

girl, i love tori and dean!!
lol, she cracks me up!!
spinning!! always here them in the gym, the instructor always seems like a drill sgt.
way cool to do a swap with celine!!
awesome 7 :)

Heidi Joe said...

Okay, pal.

#1. Please, please please do not abuse that blackhead extractor. Please only use the bottom end. Not the top end. (in Ref. to the photo.) Please disinfect after each use, (each bumpie) otherwise you will raise colonies of bumpies on the face.

#2. Only use it on black heads. Never anything white. White things will pop when they are good and ready. I know it's hard to resist the pick, but trust me. The trauma that the skin goes through can make a yucky scar.

#3. If you must touch a white one, do so with only CLEAN hands. Put a clean hot washcloth on bumpie and compress fopr a minute or so. Wrap each clean finger in clean kleenex (not from your purse) and place a finger on each side of bumpie... parallel, not pointing inward. Do a light shimmy shake with fingers and white stuff should be loosened. If it doesn't come easy, try again the next day.

#4. I tried spinning but it hurt me... right on that part that's not your butt bone, but not your la la, either. Couldn't walk right for a day. Eeeesh.

*~*Amber*~* said...

haha girl... love ur 7! awesome bout a swap w/celine! chatted w/her the other day on yahoo. totally raddest chic!!! that tool looks scary... ggrr... fortunate not to have blackheads... knock on wood! xoxo

livvie said...

very informative list. love the #3. :)

shelly b said...

These are so funny! Ok..I loved 90210, but never had the perfume...probably going through my liz claiborne phase. I really should take a spinning class, but I'll stick to running. Love all of these.

amber said...
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amber said...

Ok. So that picker thingy looks really cool. I was totally convinced that I needed one until reading Heidi's comment. Now I'm just scared.

And the spinning thing sounds fun. I've been jogging, but my shins have been killing me, so maybe spinning is the way to go! :)

Have a great weekend!!

kokopuffs said...

one: I've tried spinning and yup, it's pretty strenuous (is that right?)...I was thinking grueling too, but somehow the word came out stregrunuous in my head...

and omigosh, how glad are we that Heidi is commenting on the picking of black- and whiteheads. cuz I'm one of those that picks at EVERYTHING. Mike scolds me for picking...scabs, blackheads, boogers...

sohpiasmom said...

Your list was great...what a cute picture too! Have a great weekend :)

Eminepala said...

Hi michelle

I just discovered your blog via Vee's blog ;)
Yeah, Celine is such a good artist AND she has such a great personality ;) Love her

Have a great day

Colleen said...

i love that tori and dean show too. i don't know why...i usually just sit and watch with my mouth wide open and this freaked out look on my face

cracking up at the uh ch uh ch beat

DBird said...

ahhh, you crack me up mR :) hahaha... abt the 90210 perfume! ahhh! love it.

and bo's spinning comment. what a great post :)

sarahb said...

I freakin' LOVE Tori and Dean, I HATED her on 90210, but I think she is a riot to watch on this show.