Wednesday, April 04, 2007

rose hungry much?

oh yes.
these girls are....
for this HOttie Navy LT doctor. aaaahhhh. I love love love this show. Such a train wreak, but i think this season has some promise.
the crazy college girl who freaks out because he didn't pick her.
red dress singing him the National anthem and he cries...huh?
the "shut your mouth" comment.
He seems like he is truly in it to find mrs. right Baldwin though. I do hope he fills her in on how crazy Navy life is at times. But moving her to Pearl Harbor..what single girl could resist that?! get here Monday already!!!
** i am a reality tv nerd, and i am ok with that.


Vee said...

i am such a reality nerd too!!
totally my fix
even enjoyed i love new york
shhhhh.... ;)
you must check out tori and dean inn love on oxygen
so so cute!

Heidi Joe said...

I agree with Vee... you totally should watch Tori and Dean... they bought a B&B about a half an hour from my hometown in San Diego!

stephaniehowell said...

yep, me too.
he so reminds me of zack morris who i've loved for all my life.
but such a cheese.
this season is going to be so cringe-worthy.
love it.
and i didn't realize you are a navy wife...i'm an army wife =)

ahardy said...

i'm hooked too.
but is it just me, or are the girls not as
pretty as in the past?

Courtney DeLaura said...

oh girl i have it on tivo havne't watched yet. better make sure the dh doesn't delete it!

i love love love so cheeseball reality tv.


EliseBlaha said...

the is going to be a good season.