Friday, April 06, 2007

for real?!?

shut your mouth Jeanette!!! (I had to use a bachelor quote)
so i woke up extra early this morning and ran to the computer.
well, speed tip toeing so i wouldn't wake the kids.
and to my whoa! wow! freaking out! crazy !! self, i heard my name being said as one of the DT members for Scrap in Style tv!!!!
embarassing enough though, i always have the volume down on my computer and i was frantically trying to click on the fashionistas link and no luck...duh!
pumped up the volume and wa la!
and then i heard all the other names.
dang. i am beyond honored to be amongst such out of this world talent!
*deep breath*

so i could go on and on, but i have to run to Costco before naptime.
thanks so much Scrap in Style for asking me to join in on this HUGE journey!
***be sure to come over on May 15 for all the festivities!


*~*Amber*~* said...

congrats girl... so happy for you! hope u got my email bout it!!! So awesome!!! xoxo

Kim said...

Congrats Michelle!!!

Courtney DeLaura said...

congrats girlie.
so fun - I am still in mild shock.
not about your name being called out!
about my name being in that mix LOL


CKU binder girl Jenny said...

Woot woot! I would say "Don't forget me when you get really big",... but, you're such a true friend, that's not even a worry. I am so thrilled and proud!

amber said...

Ohmyword. mR! Huge congrats to you again! You are really rockin the scrap world, girl! So fun!! :)

lisa garay said...

huge congrats to you, too...

i can just feel the fun coming up :)

can't wait!

have a wonderful Easter!

Michelle Guray said...

super huge congrats, mR!

lee woodside said...

Congfrats! That is fantastic news. xoxo

Nura Keif said...

Yay...Congrats, girl!! Happy for you!!:-D

Karla said...

OMG YOU TOO!!!! BOTH my and Courtney....DUDE!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS! I know you will keep us on our toes! I am so exited about being hooked on this site! They new what was up when they picked yall. They weren't stupid!!!!!!!!

Have fun honey we all can't wait!


Gigi said...

super duper extra special coolio!!!

yeah!!!!!! cannot wait to see what is next!!!

hope you & yours have a fantastic easter!!

stephaniehowell said...

happy happy happy happy!!
so exciting, congrats sweets!!!

Heidi Joe said...


Go 'head girl, go 'head, get down...

Congrats to you, supah star!

ahardy said...

for *YOU*!!!

what a fab little Easter Surprise!
go on with your bad self!

staceyfike said...


Breanne Crawford said...


Vee said...

so proud of you girl!!
totally awesome
can't wait to see you on the site
it is so cool!! :)

DBird said...

yay mR!!!!!!!!! oh mah gosh. so so so stoked for you!! well deserved and a huge congrats :)