Monday, October 29, 2007

whats mine is yours.

I took the plunge and am sharing the goodies that i have found and been hoarding.

Thats right, i now have an Etsy shop of my very own.

Today, it just has some vintage finds in it, but much more is to follow.

So my weekly thrifting adventures are now benefiting all and at cheap prices too.



thanks for the push Sara!!


sara berry said...

Yay!!! I can't wait to watch this shop grow!!! You are the lucky charm of thrifting so I know there's gonna be SO much good stuff in there!!!

Vee said...

that is awesome mR!!! :) off to check out your cool stuff!! :)

Michelle said...

oooh..Hello. =) I don't think I've commented on your bloggy before, but I've for sure been here...he he..just had to say, love the vintage finds in your shop! Cool idea!

Anilu Magloire said...

Oh, cool!! I'm off to check it out :)

kokopuffs said...

ooh mR, these are some great things! those Simplicity patterns bring back my childhood. my mom probably has a couple boxes FULL of them. I should get her to sell them...