Thursday, October 04, 2007

away we go

to Delta passengers traveling today,

Just a warning.
Today i am traveling with 2 kiddos and no husband across country.
Please keep your dirty looks to yourself if the kids are fussing.
I have a huge bag of toys, a dvd player, and lots of snacks.
Hopefully these things will keep them happy.
If not, please pass over some candy or liquor will do too.
and if i am stuggling with the stroller, 2 carseats and bags, know that i will get you a drink for helping this girl out.
I just colored my hair so its sparkling black.
I am wearing a white tank, brown Juicy pants and my favorite tennis shoes, just so you know its me and what to look for.

Thanks for making this trip an easier one for me.
You know i've got love for flying.
oh and pS... be nice to your flight attendants.
They are there for your safety.

Michelle Ramirez


Vee said...

be safe, much love girl!! :)
can't wait to hear about your new digs :)

miss morgan... said...

safe travels lady! hope you like the place you are looking at, and count on a visit from me! haha!

kokopuffs said...

you're too funny.
I'm praying for a safe and quiet flight for you to CA...

I can't wait mR! you're finally in my neck of the woods!

when is Anthony going to arrive anyway?

Heidi Joe said...

Ha ha... I was waiting for the flight attendant holla... so rad!

Safe travels, Ramirezes! (ezezez?) (Cracking me up about the liquor, too.)

Anilu Magloire said...

Good luck, Michelle!! Be safe and damned be the dirty lookers!!! They don't know what it is to be brave enough to board a plane with kids :)
Let us know how it was and that you're in your new home, OK?

Anilu Magloire said...

Oh, and a BIG HURRAY!!!! for flight attendants. My hat's off to you all.

EliseBlaha said...

i love you.
hope the flight was safe.

sara berry said...

Hope the trip went well. Miss you already! Check my bloggy--there's a little message for you and the kiddos.

Natalie said...

Have a safe trip. All the best for you and the kiddies today. Miss you already.

shelly b said...

good luck!!!