Wednesday, October 17, 2007

this girl has priorities

Today i need to be inspired.
so what would one Michelle do?
go to downtown Ventura.

it is chalked full of antique stores, boutiques ( my new favorite was found), super good mexican food and some of the best thrift stores i know.
gotta love that.
old wallpaper
an orange tray
some old forks
vintage patterns and for men at that
and some art in close to 6x12 size.

as i packed up these goodies i thought, how cool would it be to make a mini out of stuff i bought each time i went thrifting?!?

good way to not hoard huh.

we'll see how it turns out.

and for my mini me thrifters...

Olivia found a Belle dress and Pocahontas shoes =$5.00

Kyan found 2 Thomas the train books=$2.00

today was good.


miss morgan... said...

awww, love that y'all thrift together.

kokopuffs said...

so can I come up sometime soon and go thrifting with you? I'll have to find some of the cool places down here so when you come visit, we'll have places to go!

becky said...

sounds so great! wish i could have joined you!

sara berry said...

dude, that orange is crazy. i miss your thrift-abilities over here.

Anilu Magloire said...

Love your finds! That tray and the wall paper are too cool for school :)

DBird said...

youre such the awesomest thrifty finder. seriously. and now you have a new home to fill! YAY.

love that everyone got some cool stuff too :) so cute!