Saturday, October 20, 2007

flattered on this Saturday

Meet the Sparks, our Kauai friends who now live in Seattle.
I miss them like crazy, but got this on an email today.
They took this at Pike's Place Market, a place that holds many great childhood memories for me.
And you know i love the photobooth shots!

and the Berry's.
this brought a few tears to my eyes.
my partners in crime.
the good kind though.
the crafting, photobooth friday, storage auction hunting kind. and Miss Morgan for making this killer unpacking mix for me.
i am so saving this for when i unpack my scrap stuff.
looove it (just like they say on Dragon Tales)

and hell must have frozen over because Aida, my crazy Coke drinking, good idea thinking but not following through friend, joined SIS!!!
and you know i mean that in the sweetest way right?
you better finish up that mini we started and post it up.
don't make me fly to San Antonio.

i love my friends.
sheesh, i could go on and on , but for today this is all she wrote.
this kind of stuff does my heart good.


kokopuffs said...

so how did the Saturday auction go?? did ya buy anything awesome??

shelly b said...

glad you are settling in...

Vee said...

so glad you are settled!
miss you too and sara is so sweet!

Natalie said...

Dude. This post is the cutest. Love all the photo booth pics.
Love you. Miss you. Come back?

miss morgan... said...

awww you are so welcome! you totally deserve lovely things!

DBird said...

so fun, eh. i miss seattle :) you must too... but now you're a quick plane hop away, no?! heh. we should go there one year :)

cute cute cute photobooth pics. i have to find one here in maui :) the g would love to hunt one down and take a pic once a week :) hahahaha. it's a stretch. i should try :)

sara berry said...

Hunter talks about you and the kids every time we go...I am ready for a trip to CA.