Friday, October 19, 2007

i ♥ fridays

started out with some cereal with fresh raspberries.
am thinking it would be so cool to make a mini with all morning pictures.
need to follow through on this thought.
maybe i would even become more of a morning person huh?

then i got a face like this.
love the drama of a 3 year old.
My mom says i was just like her.
stinky fish were found.
a carousel ride too.
mom got a little dizzy but the kids loved it.
its an old school one, not that the kids cared, but it was a beauty.
all of that adventure was just part of the quest to find a CA photobooth. we did and its a dollar cheaper than we paid in VA but only has one little stool.
hence the crying and me in the picture.
it'll take time.

Happy weekend time!


Heidi Joe said...

Hello precious. Gah... those kids just melt me. Love that you found a booth! ;)

EliseBlaha said...

your kids are adorable. love that carousel photo...and the photo booth....priceless.

kokopuffs said...

it's that little face of Kyan's that I adore!!

and I can totally see the meltdown in the photo booth. so cool that it is now caught for posterity.

I wonder where there's one around the OC??

and I am soooo excited that we are just an inch closer to hanging out...hJ, mR and I are going to do sprinkles!!! caramel apple style too...

Anilu Magloire said...

How cool that you're so at ease in your new home already!
Love your kids' faces. So cute, both of them.
I will have to go find me a photo booth now...

Vee said...

yout kids are so precious, ah...
just gorgeous and i love your thrifty finds. I went thrifty in the obx,but didn't get your great finds! :)

DBird said...

you can totally see how fun the kids' childhood is. they're so lucky to have such a cool mama like you mR! lucky score on the dollar cheaper photo booth :)

happy times!