Tuesday, October 30, 2007

hooty hoo.

got a little crafty with this HOme depot notepad.
its for A while he is away.
It's filled with everyday we miss you thoughts.
i think he'll love it.
and coming in a day late was this!
ok what?
one of my favorite thrift stores sends out coupons in the mail?!?
bliss i'll tell ya.

next week this bad boy is going to be put to good use!


kokopuffs said...

Anthony is gonna love that little book. and it's very incognito too...he can slide it under his pillow and no one would know...

I might have to make a visit up to see you soon so I can check things out!

Vee said...

the mini is so cute and what a thrift coupon, sweet!!

Heidi Joe said...

Rock on with the thrifty coupon. I passed by this Giant Salvation Army the other day that just opened... so it's not all ratty yet... and I'm thinkin' to myself that mR would love it! I'll take a maiden voyage for you.

Just made an etsy purchase, too! WOOT.

Anilu Magloire said...

Love the pad. It's such a cool idea!

Natalie said...

Can I come thrift shopping with you? Really? Ok, thanks!

donna gustin said...

I wish I could go spend it with you just like old times!!! It's fun catching up with your blog every once in a while.