Monday, October 15, 2007

we meet again

may 2007
october 2007

nothing is broken.

it all made it.

we love our house.

beach air smells dang good again.

kids are happy.

our bed sleeps like a dream cloud.

cooking with my own stuff is awesome.

yeah for CA living once again.


kokopuffs said...

holy moly!! all that is your stuff?!?! I guess a flat bed is necessary when you're moving your entire home.

I agree partly with the beach air in the house, but it's CA beach air, which is sometimes stinky and polluted. but it's beach air nonetheless.

so when are we gonna have a visit?!?!

amytangerine said...


Vee said...

yeah!!!! so happy you have all of stuff and you are happy!! :) :)
missed you in blogland! ;)

jamaica said...

Okay, I'm dying to know... where in CA?!?! I'm on the central coast about 1/2 way between LA and SF. Are we close!??!?!

Anilu Magloire said...

How cool! So glad you made it to CA :)

sara berry said...

Let me know when you are ready for a visit. Sweet that the packers did a good job. We had zero broken too. Find any geckos yet? Miss you like crazy and any time you get tired of that coast come on back!

miss morgan... said...

yay! i'm so psyched for you!!! i have a little housey-warming present in the works!

Heidi Joe said...

Love that nothing was broken... now I am hoping you find the Dora Jeep super fast!

Glad you all made it safe, sweety.

RitasCottage said...

wow...thats alot of stuff to move. glad you all made it safe :) p.s. I love your banner!

Natalie said...

So happy you made it safely. And that your stuff did too. Miss you like crazy on the east coast! But when I'm ready for a beach vacation in the middle of DC winters...I know who to call =)

amber said...

So happy that you and all your things made it safe and sound. And that you're finally able to be in your own house with your own stuff!