Sunday, October 28, 2007

peach pit anyone?

duh nuh nuh nuh
duh nuh nuh nuh
chugh chugh.

theme song anyone?

we took a trip down to the 90210 today and i
joked how we should go to the Peach Pit and hang with
Well second best.
We saw Brian Austin Green!!!
aka David.

and yes that is me pretending to get my picture
taken while Jamie was really shooting Brian.

We are so sneaky.
Welcome to LA mR!

Days don't get much better than the one we all had.
i mean really.
what a treat.
J wrote all about it here and lets be honest, she is alot better with words than me.


Vee said...

very sneaky!! lol :)

amber said...

I posted on J's blog how jealous I am, and well, I guess I'll tell you too! LoL. What a fab sounding day you girlahs had. And I so love the fake shot of mR and baG is so clear in the background. I so wanna come for a visit!!

kokopuffs said...

now that I think back, I'm not as embarrassed. it was actually so fun!! we'll have to do LA field trips more often. imagine how many more celebs we could possibly see?!?!

thanks for such a great day. and don't worry, Mike wasn't bored. and I love your kiddos so much...

Liv said...

holy canoli! that's so freakin' cool!

and the theme song thing cracked me up. ;)

Natalie said...

OMG, I am so jealous! I was in NYC for a week, always with my eyes peeled for celebrities. No such luck for me. Maybe that jusst means I need to come visit you in CA and we can head over to LA and you can be celebrity luck charm. hehe. Love that you snuck a picture of him...classic!!

ahardy said...

holy moly.
the coolness is just dripping off you.
and no one has mentioned it yet, but
you looked quite the celeb part yourself mR!

my girlahs.

Dina said...

LOL! Soooo awesome. And I've always wondered about the correct way to spell "chugh" I know. hee hee

miss morgan... said...

dude! that is so awesome! you are so much nicer than me. i would have totally had to get the pic taken, haha.