Saturday, January 13, 2007

H O T off the press...

oh wow did this challenge speak to me.
You can check out and sign up for Ali Edwards newsletter and challenges here
like it did to so many others too.
came up because i there are simply so many things i want to and have yet to learn.
i could go on and on.
i figured this would be a fun art journal to help keep track of those things for me. even the little things. more to follow with this baby, i'm sure.
tfl and to Michelle Guray for the fun buttons!


Nura Keif said...

Wow awesome cover!!Love it to bits:)

Latharia said...

Just beautiful! :) Maybe I'll see you "in class" at Shimelle's!

Breanne said...

dude! awesome idea to journal about it!! fabu book!

Jamie K said...

this looks awesome!!

and can I assume that you sewed that cover too?

maybe I should put together a little binder too for my word of the year...

ahardy said...

great word michelle.
you want to know the irony?
i have LEARNED so much from YOU
& your super dooper scrap style.
so there! :)
your journal is *rockin'*

celine navarro said...

Found your blog through the absolutely adorable comment you left me on TwoPeas and now I'm loving your blog and art SO much! gonna link your blog to mine!