Wednesday, January 03, 2007

17 days away

and dang i can not even describe how good it feels to be home.

I do not want to see an airport and anything travel related for awhile.

WARNING: venting below

first i must say it was great to see so many family members and friends but damn, what were we thinking with two little kids?!? eeks. Colds, crying, food poisoning and so much more drama. we got in way over our heads on this one!

On a Positive note...a huge thanks to Jamie, Amber and MG for the awesome christmas goodies i came home I love them all. and can't wait to scrap again REALLY soon. Even if its in between being sick. THanks girls. and i promise as soon as i can i will be pumpin out those CJ's.

so thats just touching base for now and hopefully i'll be back to my old chipper self soon.

whewwwww...deep breath to be home.

Hope all of you had a GREAT new year....cheers to 2007!


DBird said...

[start Happy Dance] She's back, she's back, wooty woo, woot woo!

Awww, glad you had a good trip. Can't wait to see the scrappiness.

I'm trying to be good and do my trip (can't believe it's been two months). And the fact that the other things excite me will motivate me (I hope) to finish it all. Ahhhhhh.

Here's to 2007 MR :)
[end Happy Dance]

Heidi Joe said...

YAY! I know what that feels like... nice to be away, but glad to be back home. Yup Yup, that's me!!

Can't wait to see your fun scraps, mamasita. WOOT.

michelleguray said...

that was pretty much how i felt after thanksgiving. it's hard work going on vacation with kids! hope you get back to normal soon! can't wait to see new stuff from you!