Tuesday, January 16, 2007

i think i have been bit

by the shopping bug that is. i definatly go through spurts of this and i am so in one now.
went thrift store shopping with my neighbor today and found some more felt, ultra suede in hot pink and some old school bingo pieces. can't wait to play with those.
some other things that are perking my interest are....
This shirt from mary ink . I can not get this mermaid off my mind.

and i am a super huge fan of sales...especially this one
a girl always needs new goodies right. After watching that Oprah special about how many women are wearing the wrong size bra...yikes, i need some new ones too. Not to mention the pj sets. after all if you spend a certain amount you get free shipping too. Gotta love that living here.
and these bad boy Scallop fabric sheers. i could really do some damage with these. and yet again, Joanns is big on free shipping is you spend 25 dollars. I think i could do that with my eyes closed. I think we have a problem Houston....
not to mention i could spend hours on Ebay. that place is full of everything a girl could ever want or need. or not need for that matter.

so is there anything you are itching to buy?
enable me.
what the heck.


ahardy said...

that mermaid shirt is *hot*.
& ooh.
your thrift store finds sound
can't wait to see what scrap
*damage* you do after you
stop your little binge!

*OC* said...

i love that little mermaid shirt. but i have to say that it reminds me more of olivia than you. (not me, your daughter.) :) i really like the owl thing she has on there too.
oh - and i like the new background color! the gray and pink combo reminds of the felt i bought you.

Breanne said...

you should call your old navy and see if theyre still having an additional 50% off the clearance.

THAT was a good store. i brought home lots of yumminess (it helped that i have my employee discount on top of the extra clearance!)

michelleguray said...

mermaid shirt...gotta have it. and i buy stuff from joann's like crazy. those scissors were on my list for christmas but i didn't buy it :( now i really want it! i just bought some stuff from sephora! it seems like i'm on a crazy shopping trip too!

amber said...

Ahhh. Yes. Ebay. My "home away from home". Can we say addicting? And that mermaid shirt is CA-UTE! :)

DBird said...

Ahhhh, shopping wish list? Mmkay, I'ma have to compile my list and post, hopefully today. Muwahahhaa. How fun.

Dude. That mermaid shirt is perfect. *totally* you. I just bought PJs from Old Navy. Heart. Woo hoo. I need to be on a spending freeze right now.

And they make those 'free shipping' special deals for feens like us. Hahaha. I'm a sucker for free shipping.

Heidi Joe said...

I think you live next to a magical thrift shop. Mine only has old stinky pit-stained T-shirts from old 10Ks and free zoo giveaways.

That mermaid shirt is the bomb, girl. I think mermaids are the new skulls. Fo rizzle.

Karla said...

Ok...I know I e-mailed you but did I tell you that I really want that shirt???? It's bangin' girl. My sister and I used to want to be mermaids soooooooo bad when we were little that we would put pikllowcases on our legs and go swimming.Aw...I miss those days.

Well, chat soon -Karla