Sunday, January 14, 2007

confession time everyone

whoa..i heard about this from happy girl , went to check it here and before even having the details i was sold.
mini confession....i signed up for a before and never finished the project.
it's ok to put a HUGE *F* by my name. time has just gotten away from me and hopefully this class will too prompt my way past due shimille project #1.

as far as a big confession for the theme of this book...i guess we hold out until we reveal our book huh?

can't wait to round up all my schtuffs and get ready.

i hope you all join in too.
this seems like a fun one and big bonus===its free.
thanks shimelle!


zhliunan said...

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Heidi Joe said...

I saw that SHimelle was doing a free class and I got all excited, then I remembered I never finished my last one!


I'll still download it because it's free! YAY!

ALso, loved your LEARN book. I'm still having a tough time picking my AE word...

*OC* said...

that looks like so much fun! i have everything except the they sell those on the island anywhere?

ahardy said...

eeks Michelle!
you have me soooo excited over here.
thanks for the linkage to shimelle.
it will be my *first* time doing one of
her projects (& surely not my last!) :)
thanks for spreading the scrappy cheer.
btw, *love* my hawaii package. lots.

jamie k said...

oh I am so in.
just downloaded the list and will get the goods together tonight!

staceyfike said...

this time around i will nag you crazy if you don't follow's that? ;)

DBird said...

Heh. Free is always fun ;) I wonder if I can get it together by the weekend. Shucks, sans Sunday bc I have to go to a baby party. Hmm.

I got some madd catching up to do, but I couldn't resist the blog action!

And woman, your work is seriously seriously amazing. Your Learn Journal? Psha. I want to make one too. Hehe. Fill it with all the things I want to make and yet have no time for. Ahh.