Tuesday, January 09, 2007

flattered...for real

i seriously ADORE "the" Michelle Guray and am tickled that she tagged me.
not only does she have a super name, but she is equally as creative and sweet.
everything she touches turns to gold so maybe by knowing her my things will turn a brassy like color huh?

here goes nothin'
A - Available or single: available for what? taken by my husband though
B - Best Friend: hmmm, i'd have to say Bean. not her real name its just what we have called eachtother since we saw that stupid Bean movie years ago.
C - Cake or Pie: both please!
D - Drink of choice: used to be Dr. pepper but i have given it up so now....crystal light and on a fun night...a pina colada. umbrella too please because i am cheesy like that.
e- Essential item you use everyday: mascara and the eyelash curler
f- Favorite color: changes often...can't just pick one either. I love color combinations
G - Gummy Bears or worms: again, both please!
h- Hometown: I grew up for most of my years in Federal Way , Wa and now move around alot due to the Navy Hubby and love it.
i- Indulgence: any sweet thing after the kids are in bed=my destresser
.J - January or February: February for sure. My birthday &anniversary on the 28th and i am a sucker for V-day too.
k- Kids & Names: Olivia (2.5)and kyan 16 months. names derive from my maiden name Oliver and sadly got Kyan's name from a reality show!
L - Life is Incomplete Without? love from my family and friends
M - Marriage Date: February 28, 2004
N - Number of Siblings: i am the baby of 2 half sisters and 1 half brother
O - Oranges or Apples: granny smiths all the way
P - Phobias or Fears: being a Great mom
Q - Fave Quote: "weither you think you can or you can't; you are right."
R - Reason to Smile: my family's health
S - Season: spring or fall. spring. love the flowers and fresh feeling
T - Tag 3 or 4 people: hmmm...i choose...i think everyone i know has been tagged
U - Unknown Fact about Me: i am obsessive about plucking my eyebrows. If i didn't i would still have a unibrow.....eeks.
V- Vegetable You Don't Like: eggplant
W - Worst Habit: just one...impulse shopping
X - Xrays: most recently my stomach
Y - Your Fave Food: i do love me some mexican. HOmemade tortillas, beans and quac....mm mm good.
Z - Zodiac Sign: pisces


jamie K said...

thanks for sharing the tidbits MR!!
and I think it's so super cool that you have a navy pilot hubby. I think Mike would be jealous. We were just watching the military channel and he has said before that if he could, he'd join. but he's too old now and has a bum knee and is flat footed. all reasons he can't be in...right??

ahardy said...

so hear you on the brows girl!
i have some "brow OCD" too.
my hubby is jealous of your navy pilot
too. (in a good way). hehehe.

DBird said...

Ahahahaha, unibrow! Haha. Mine are tattoo and get waxed off completely often. Haha.

Loved the insight. So so awesome. These surveys and tags are way radd. Love where the kiddies' names come from ;)

And yes, your hubs is super cool and the fact that you and the fam get to travel/move around/experience new places IS stellar.

Yay for the M to the R.

michelle said...

well, i totally love your name ;) and you know that i'm one of your biggest fans, right? thanks for doing this, michelle! i love learning more about my friends!

i have to go along with the brow thing too. i hate having to pluck! and i love your kids' names. i can't believe i just realized that kyan and mia are pretty close in age - only 2 months apart! that's cool!