Monday, January 22, 2007

stop and make you think.

so this weekend was filled with those kinda moments. My husband had one while hiking at Waimea Canyon and made it out to this sight. ahhh, what bliss and he said the pictures did the beauty no justice. I see rigged cliff, green beauty for sure.
and then this... Olivia is at the age of starting to fight naps and boo for that. When she was over resting/ playing in her room, she brought her life size Diego out. Hello? He's a boy and he has a dress on. She thought he needed it. and under the dress? oh not only a diaper but also a huge amount of Desitin. Yikes. that stuff is serious rash cream that does not come off even in the wash. Oh, so it goes and i laughed it off. How could i get upset? She was a proud mama.

and in a huge MIRACLE moment. seriously.
Anthony took the kids for the morning to the beach so I could have some down time alone. So sweet yes. But then i get a phone call.
"i left our ipod boom box and your wallet on the hitch of the car when i drove off."
(Mind you this is a 20 minute drive later)
you did what?!?
"yeah, but your wallet is still here!"
HOLY SH*$! how in the world my wallet stayed on that hitch is beyond me.
"me too."
so i thanked my lucky stars and my aunt who i believe is my angel for being able to have my wallet today.


ahardy said...

yay for "magnetic" wallets!
boo for the ipod boombox.

{lol} about diego.
you've taught her well.

livvie said...

love the first picture. that's a classic kauai picture. gotta frame that one!

staceyfike said...

beautiful picture
and clever little girl, "dressing" her diego up (literally)!!!
glad you didn't loose your wallet at least!!!

DBird said...

The picture is gorgeous. So love. And how cute is she... hahaha. I kinda remember dressing my Ken doll up in Barbie's clothes. Muwahahah.

Dude! The G 'dropped' his wallet at the mall one day. He called to tell me two hours later, when he went to lost and found, the security guard had it and handed it back to him (with all $200 bucks still inside). Hello! Lucky angels, for sure! Glad you got the wallet back... whew!!

And how sweet the husb took the kiddies so you could have down time. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww :)

amber said...

Wow. So glad you at least got the wallet back!

How cute is that, Diego in a dress? At least her brother is younger, Cameron would have had a fit if he would have seen that! LoL.

Karla said...

Ok...I so wish I was there on top of that cliff with you all. Maybey not WITH you cuz who knows what yall were really doin! LOL!!! But somewhere near by would have been cool! And your daughter is precious. So cute!!!!!

Lucky you with the wallet. The other stuff can be replaced without hudreds of phone calls!!!

Nura Keif said...

Lucky you got your wallet back!!Love those pictures!!:-D