Sunday, January 07, 2007

picture happy

from all of us to all of you...Happy new year (picture was taken hours before the nasty virus took over)
the kids and Tia enjoying a little Toys r us time. gotta love it.

Olivia giving us "this" face. It was a new one and boy did we see alot of it on our two week rendevous.

Kyan eatin up some good holiday food on a super vintage high it.

saying goodbye to Lito and Lita in Dallas before heading off to Seattle. so again, Now that i am home i have so much fun stuff i want to do.
** catch some sun, because i lost alot of color on this trip.
**enjoy the beach
**scrapbook scrapbook scrapbook. I have tons of new goodies heaping on my desk that need serous attention.
** I was tagged awhile back by MG, and no i have not forgotten, it was a fun one. I'll be sure to fill it up soon.
**post some goodies i made right before leaving.
Hope everyone had a good weekend and fun stuff is soon to follow here i promise.


ahardy said...

so happy to see you back michelle.
you were missed. :)
can't wait to see your latest & greatest.
your kids are so darn cute!
must be cuz you & your hubby are so good
lookin' yourselves!
*Happy New Year!

Jamie K said...

welcome back to reality!!
I know it feels nice to be back home...
can't wait to see what goodies you have hiding from us all.
Happy New Year Ramirez's!!!

DBird said...

Ooooh Michelle :) Yay. You're back. Slow steps. Blog comments. Then Posting. Then Shazowwww, we'll be seeing all that creative goodness. I can't wait :)

Happy New Year. Beautiful family pic, as usual!

amber said...

Your family is so beautiful! Love those pics! Can't wait to see some new scrappy schtuff from ya! :)

Heidi Joe said...


1. Glad you're back!
2. Love the photos.
3. Is it crazy that I want that vintage high chair even though I don't have kids?
4. Can't wait to see all your scrappity scraps.

YAY for Michelle!

michelleguray said...

love seeing pics of your family! and the kiddos are so cute! i wish i could enjoy the beach with you! and don't make us wait too long...i can't wait to see your scrappies!!

staceyfike said...

welcome home!!!
& you have an adorable family!!!