Friday, January 12, 2007

hoot hoot


the night owl in me is awake and raring to go.

Anthony left for Vegas last night for his buddies bachelor party.

enough said about that.

needless to say, i am submerging myself in some projects.

**Zingboom has there first challenge up and i was all over it.
to use an old record album cover?!?
of course i had to find reason to use the front and back of an album cover.
i had a bunch of these prom like Navy Ball pics.
this woman is full of super ideas!
watch out.
I am trying to use not hoard my new scrappy finds from our christmas adventure.
heart shaped bazzill...suckered in...must use.
**want to play more with stamps too.
bought some autumn leaves ones and need to bust them out.
what are you up to??


Karla said...

Very cute pages. Looks like Zing Boom is doing real well! Have fun with it...looks GREAT!!!!!!

staceyfike said...

i LOVE that lo on the elvisness!!! i really dig the "he is with me" too!! i may have to lift that soon!!!

Heidi Joe said...

Dude... love what you made here, friend! TOTALLY! Those LOs are both totally cute... love the little Michelle details plugged in here and there.

You'll dig Fontwerks stamps if you're gettin' into the stampage, too, P.S.....

xobellaaimox said...

ooooh these are beautiful michelle! :)

michelleguray said...

woweeeeee! that's awesome, mR. so innovative. love your sexy pic!

the jaimster said...

I was just about to ask where you got that cool blue hawaii paper from. that first one is so cool, like a page out of an old book or something.

and hottie patottie Ramirez's!! navy men are H-O-T.