Thursday, January 25, 2007

here to confess

oh yea...
feels so good to have finished this.
You can see the rest here.
Dug through some old photos and the confessions came a rollin in.
a little different that Shimelle's instructions,but so it goes.
i have been really wanting to use this coaster book from last months Poppy ink kit.
so i ran with that bad little thing and am happy with the outcome. This was something i never would have done, so i love that Shimelle came up with the idea!
i'd love to see what you came up with to, so link it here.

**oh, and have you seen this. gotta try it out soon.


livvie said...

love it. as usual. came out a little darker in the picture than in person. weird.

interesting website, too...

Breanne said...

love love love your spin on it.

i've been writing down confessions anytime i think of one. hoping to do some confessions lovin this weekend!

amber said...

It came out AWESOME Michelle! Love the roundness of it. And did you notice, it totally matches your blog? ;) LOL

staceyfike said...

love love your 7c's booklet!!!!
and you have to come play caffeine w/us!!!
p.s. i've gotta do one of those tag things 2nite on my blog and i'm gonna tag ya!!!
i know, i know....... your welcome! lol!!

*~*Amber*~* said...

I love this!! Very cute. Love the colors. Must check out that caffine site when I have some time.

Latharia said...

I agree with the others -- very yummy colors!! Great design & very fun!

ahardy said...

go check your 2peas...
left love on all your stuff's!
{lol} it does go perfectly with
your blog!

Courtney DeLaura said...

love it - so great. I need to email yoU!