Sunday, January 28, 2007

me. weird?

of course we all have some weird things about us.
i was tagged by happy girl to list some of my weirdness.
6 to be exact.
*1 so my first...the picture above.
yes it is Lionel Richie and i am a huge fan.
Like crying at his concert when he came out on stage kinda fan.

*you can stamp nerd on my head now without reading on any further.*

*2 after being introduced to press on french manicure toenails, I have been hooked.
these things are perfect for people like me with kiddies running around all the time.
not as much pamper time is in my schedule these days.

*3 i hide my phone when the kids are napping.
no loud ring= quiet mommy time= happy mommy.
the bad thing is i always forget to charge it back up and then miss when people are trying to reach me....oops.

*4 i still like to watch Real World
ok really. it was cool years ago when i was younger but now?
gulity pleasure i guess.

*5 i believe that most foods are better with cheese.
love it so.
hot dogs
almost everything.

*6 i pick my husband like a mother monkey.
a little gross yeah, but its affection none the less.

so ok, my name is Michelle and i am a bit weird...lets see some of your weirdness too.
taggin you nura , alex and jamie


ahardy said...

is it me you're looking for?"

na-uh! i'm a LR fan too.
now i gotta think of some of my
weirdo tidbits.....

oh my RAK.
my little heart is on our bed.
ahhhh. so so cute. :)
i'm telling you....ETSY is
waiting for you!

catch ya later.

Heidi Joe said...

You totally had me at Lionel Richie. Honestly. Or should I say "Truly?" Truly in loooooove with you girlll...

Seriously, love the Lionel. My mom had that very record (yes, record) you posted whenI was five or so, and I used to stare at it all the time... I had a major crush on Lionel. Obviously, I mean, look at that photo! =)

Who doesn't pick at their husband, too, p.s.?? I blame my estheticians license on it.. helps me get away with it more. Hee hee...

Jamie K said...

aw boogs...
so you wanna know some weird things about me huh?
okay, its on.

staceyfike said...

you lr lovin, fake toe-nail werin, monkey husband pikin weirdo you!!!!
tee hee
happy monday!!!

gabbyfek said...

lub me some LR.
too funny.
(wait... i got stuck on that part-- i'm sure there was more... and i'm sure i agree!)

Nura Keif said...

All night long...all night,all lionel...
Dancing on the ceiling now...
I've been tag...will get it work!!
And I want to tell you so much, I love you...errrr your list!!Have a great day,girl!!:-D

DBird said...

"Laaaaaaaaaaaady, I'm your knight in shining armor and I love you."

He's the jamm. You're the jamm.

Love the tidbits. So funny.

Heidi Joe said...

Psst... Deanna? Isn't that "Laaady" song by Kenny Rogers? Equally as cool though.